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Know your digital agency

Know your Digital Agency!

Today the state and India have a ton of digital agencies and the new wave of digital nomads who charge anywhere between peanuts to a cost that you could purchase the moon. Hence it is important to know your digital agency.


So how do you evaluate which agency suits your requirement or rather which digital agency do you see your growth with?


We often, share a couple of reasons why the client should associate themselves with us at Future Mercury. Some of these reasons are based on domain knowledge, case studies and even emotional reasons. Below is a framework that could help you choose and grow with an agency that is an agency in the true sense.

  • Learn about the key people in the digital agency. Ask them which are the brands they have worked for in their past roles. Do a background check via LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Know your digital agency to the fullest.
  • Evaluate their older clients, and what made them leave or stay. Ask them for recommendations. Many at times, old clients are the best source of information about an individual at the agency or the agency itself.
  • Ask the agency you are planning to hire to conduct a Deep-Dive of your brand, which you can offer to pay them as well and they do not get discouraged. Make the agency work to win your account. That way you know your agency is capable and is intelligent.
  • Talk with the agency in terms of ROI, Traffic, Sales revenues etc. If they don’t understand these concepts, then they are the agency that is driven by only creatives and not the entire gamut of the Customer Journey.
  • Meet the agency at least for 3-4 times and understand their level of knowledge about your segment of the business. More conversations with the agency mean you are thoroughly grilling them for their knowledge. If it is an agency that is genuinely interested in your business, they will meet you with new ideas every time they meet you.
  • Ask them the question, what is their Key Performance Index / Smart Goals for your business and whether it aligns with your objectives. It could be Brand Building, Facebook Leads or Instagram Followers. Or purely business-driven in terms of revenue.

Choose value to your business over cost. Many brands set themselves up for failure when they choose cost rather than value to the business. Cheap is in many instances not always the best. Value is something that you will see over a couple of months when you choose a balanced agency that gives you both value and is cost-conscious.

  • Pick an agency that is updated with the latest knowledge when it comes to Digital Platforms. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram are fairly established. Ask them about their knowledge about Snapchat, TikTok, newer Google Products etc.
  • Check if the agency is a Full-Stack Agency which means they can give you the entire bouquet of services: Creatives Service, Technology Know-how, Content Creation, Marketing & Strategy. That is when you know your agency is capable of handling anything you throw at them.
  • An agency that has worked with a varied set of clients across multiple markets are usually the best bet. Check what categories they have worked with and in which markets. An agency that is globally aligned, will share with you regularly what are the latest trends in Digital Marketing which means it takes the load off your shoulders, to them. That’s why you got them on board right?
  • Finally, draft a legal contract, so both the parties are protected and matters can be settled and both the parties have a sense of responsibility to each other.


If you still can’t find an agency that is up to mark, we at Future Mercury are hungry to understand your Brand and move it up the Brand Ladder. Email us at cs@futuremercury.com or WhatsApp us on +91 85300 82202.