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Covid Marketing

Digital Marketing in COVID Times

One would ask the golden question; the answer is simple: Yes. Studies have shown that worldwide there has been a 70% increase in consumers using their Smartphones and in India, it is 24%. However, small and medium-sized brands are still reluctant to spend in an uncertain time. The Truth remains, Digital Marketing is important in COVID Times.

What is interesting to understand is a very well-known truth. Brands who spend more on digital marketing during a slump recover faster when the slump ends. But there are a few questions that would be important to answer when spending in the digital space.

Brands who spend more on digital marketing during a slump recover faster when the slump ends.

a. Are you a brand that was already struggling to make your mark?

If, Yes. Then use this downtime to put your house in order. Re-hash, optimize your website. Check for their responsiveness on devices. Get Google Analytics for your website. Create Social Media Accounts on Facebook, Instagram etc as per your brand requirements. As a brand owner, start learning about these platforms as knowledge is power. Undergo a Brand Audit, figure out customer journeys with regards to your brand, re-look at your audience. Make changes to your marketing strategy. Maybe it’s time to invest in a killer app that may help you reduce your retail space cost. Answers to all these questions will eventually help you optimize your overall Marketing Budgets & help you boost your Digital Marketing in COVID Times.


b. Can your brand put out content that is truly engaging on your own?

If, No, sign-up for with a true agency. An agency that is not merely an agency but a marketing partner in your business. Agencies are now evolving to become business partners from Creative partners. There are a ton of agencies that are out there in the market who provide creative services only for throwaway prices and then there are those who learn your business and understand your brand, these are the agencies that strive to drive your business. These agencies are the future. Partnering with them may be a pricey affair but eventually, you will see the ROI in a coming couple of months.


c. What are the objectives that the brand is looking to achieve?

Are you looking to sell your product and services during this phase? Then it is time to re-think your strategy. A lot of small and medium brands focus only on sales. Sell, Sell, Sell! But what about the relationship with your consumers? It is crucial if not necessary that a Brand, however big or small, learns to value the relationship is needs to create with its consumers. Have you ever wondered why Apple users, spend a ton of money to get their hands on that new iPhone when a cheaper alternative is around the corner? It is the relationship that the Brand holds so dear and close to its heart that it would NEVER break the trust that the consumer has in them. Or for that matter why do so many teenagers, who are fickle-minded still drink Coke over Pepsi.


d. What is your view with regards to the pandemic? Is your brand ready for business post COVID?

This questions probably requires a lot of more thought and preparedness. As a brand have you accepted that the Pandemic will be a way of life at least for a year or two? A lot of brands are opening their shutters to welcome consumers but in a strict and regulated manner. A hotel that used to serve 50 tables are now serving 25, food trucks are not only catering to takeaways. Hotels are making sanitization part of their everyday routine. Schools and colleges are investing in technology to conduct remote classes online. Shops are developing Apps to provide home delivery service.


Once you have self-evaluated your brand on the above questions, you will be in a position to understand that you are ready to spend on Digital Marketing so that when the Sun shines, you make hay and not search for the rake.


If you still think that, spending on Digital Marketing in COVID times is still a bad idea, then give us a shot-out and we can have a deep dive with your brand to give you a Free Brand Audit. WhatsApp us on +91 85300 82202.