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Brand Identity

Why you need a refreshed brand identity?

Well! It depends on your understanding of your brand and your customers understanding of the brand. A brand identity could shape the future of your brand.

Ideally, when your brand starts to fall out of the relevancy bucket that is when it is time to rebrand. This could be in 7 to 10 years or if it is an emergency then NOW!

The New Brand identity is not limited to only a logo or colour change but is also a mindset change of the Brand owners or partners involved. It is not only a logo change, but it is about the newness of what you are serving your customers/consumers and how relevant it is concerning the current market scenario. Remember it is the face of your brand.

Change can mean a change in numerous facets, change in marketing objectives or moving from a retail physical space to a purely online channel or even accepting Instagram as a sales channel. It is up to you as Brand Owner to explore how far you want to embrace the change, with good business logic.

Being a lover of short blogs, we have put together a checklist, that you might want to keep in mind when thinking of a new brand identity.

1)    Are you still relevant?

Possibly a hard truth that most entrepreneurs and business owner must swallow, is the fact that is your business still relevant to the ever-changing target audience. We once met, a very aspiring businessman, he had the best product that his category could offer, but was just too reluctant to go digital and create an online sales channel. People from across the state would travel, just to buy his products, however, if the brand had an online sales channel it would just increase his prospective buyers fivefold. Possibly an online catalogue with his products latest designs would be the trick to generate more revenue.

2)    Do you need a fresh vibrant 2020 feel for your brand?

Many heritage brands that are highly respected and loved are scared to take the plunge into the digital pool of youthfulness. They feel that it might make their brand feel hippy and irreverent. But this is not the case. If a 400 crore plus brand called Vicco has invested in Alia Bhatt to give their brand a certain youthfulness what is stopping you? After all, change is always welcomed.

3)    Has your channel of sales changed?

Have you shifted from having a physical store to a Phygital (Physical + Digital) Store? Are you looking to reach out to a younger audience? Are looking to re-brand as a cooler brand that is catching up with the times. Then, YES! You need a brand identity to undergo a revamp.

4)    Are you looking to reach out to new national and international markets?

This one is purely if you want to compete with the big boys on the national & global scenario. This means stronger brand presence, bolder approach, international look and the works. A refreshed Brand Identity means global appeal, relevancy to the markets & more revenues.

If you are still in doubt, Future Mercury is always here to give you the best brand advice, so that your Brand is relevant, revenue-oriented and refreshed. Email us at cs@futuremercury.com or WhatsApp us on +91 8530082202.