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Customer Experience

Creating a unique customer experience!

The product, service & price is no longer a USP with the growing competition, but a Unique Customer Experience is. So how does a unique customer experience help you drive additional revenue not only today for the months, and years to come?

Firstly, it is important to understand a good customer experience. , E.g. A customer comes to your Pet Feed Shop purchases a certain brand of Pet Feed, which turns out that his pet doesn’t consume for some reason. She comes to you to return the Pet Feed and you immediately, offer an alternative brand free of cost. But you also have a dialogue with her as to why her pet didn’t consume it. Now you have feedback for the brand of Pet Feed which her pet rejected and you have a happy customer.

A personal experience of a Customer Wow Experience was when was at Marzipan Café and Bakery, Bangalore with my colleagues. We had just placed the order, but there was a power failure. We waited for more than 30 minutes to get served. When we finished our meal. The owner came to us and told us that the meal was on the house. It was because the owner valued patient customers and it was a major WOW moment for us.

The brand may have incurred a very minor loss, but you have won a happy customer for life, who will choose to come to you and try out more products, and also spread the word about your business.

This is just a small example, but you could chart out a customer journey where at various point of interacting with your brand, you could improve your Customer Experience.

Some more examples of an improved Customer Experience are:

Apple can replace your device with no questions asked if you are at a genuine Apple Store.
Starbucks offers to re-heat their customers coffee, free of cost.
• Tanishq gives you free gold polishing service whether you are their customer or not.

Now the question arises, but these are big brands, they can afford to give free of cost services to their customers. I am a small business; how can I create a good customer experience?

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all – Michael LeBoeuf

Good Customer Experience is not about money but about the relationship with the customers. Some pointers that may help you identify more ways to build a good Customer Relationship are below:

1) Provide your customers with WhatsApp support. Let them WhatsApp you their grocery list and you can deliver their requirements to their homes if you are a grocery store.

2) Check your followers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Celebrate with them. Provide freebies on their birthdays, anniversary, job promotion or even a break-up.

3) Help the animals on the street by putting out leftovers if you are a restaurant brand.

4) Listen to your customers, sometimes they just like to share their stories, if you are a book shop. Share them on Social Media.

5) Create a Facebook Live where people can share their first experience with their loved ones if you are a Coffee shop. The best ones win a hamper.

6) Share your favorite beach moment, if you are a beach shack.

7) If you are a ready-to-eat canned food brand, ask them to share their favorite recipe with your canned product.
And the list is endless.

You need to map your Customer Journey with various touchpoints and you can come up with a brilliant Customer Wow Experience that people will remember forever.

Decoding Jargon: CXM: Customer Experience Management | Customer Journey: The beginning of the customers intent to purchase goods and services until they buy them and talk about them even after purchase. | Customer Wow: A point in the customer’s life when they didn’t expect a brand to wow them in such a manner.

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