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Emotional Connect with Consumers

Build an emotional connect with consumers.

Do you as a Brand Owner that thinks that the consumer is there only to buy your product and not build a relationship? Then you should re-evaluate your brand strategy. An Emotional Connect with consumers is king!

Today, customers not only looking for products but an emotional connection with the product. A lot of brands globally and nationally are moving from being a purely transactional brand to brand that engages and connects with their consumers. If you are a transactional brand than you are as good as the next brand who will offer the same product at a cheaper cost. The only thing that drives customer retention in these times is a strong emotional attachment to the brand.

So, let’s quickly understand some of the brands that have an emotional connection with their consumers. VodafoneIdea, Airtel and even BSNL gave free talk-time and SMS credits to flood disaster victims from Assam and Kerala. The P&G Group donates money to Shiksha so they can build schools in Rural India. Patanjali because of Baba Ramdev and his followers, created a brand that had a turnover of ₹10,216 cr in 2016–17 and is aiming for 25,000 cr. Don’t you wish you generated at least 0.001 % of it?

Emotional marketing refers to marketing and advertising efforts that primarily use emotion to make your audience notice, remember, share, and buy. – Hubspot

Most small and medium brands focus only on transactions, but when they move from a transactional model to an engaging and emotional model, they see real business growth. You don’t have to be a Patanjali or even a Vodafone to see the difference. We once, visited Ros-Omelette Food Truck in Goa, which gave us two small pieces of chicken with every plate of Ros-Omelette we ordered. We were surprised at this small gesture. But till date, we visit his stall whenever we are in that locality.

As always, we have come up with some examples that can help you build an emotional connection with your consumers. It is not easy but will win your customers hearts.

  • There are a lot of Real Estate Brands in Goa and everywhere in the country. After the Handover of the Keys to the Flat, Shop or Villa. What do you do after that? Well, here’s an idea, what if you send a hamper worth Rs. 500 of a Ready to Eat Items on their Moving in Anniversary after a year? The family that moved in will remember you and will spread the word of mouth, purely because you care for your customers who invested their hard-earned money in your brand. This Drives Emotional Connect with Consumers.


  • To all the gyms out there, how many times have you had a customer who has paid for 6 months or even a year and have not been coming to your gym? Have you thought about why is the customer not coming to your gym? Here’s what you can do? Why don’t you call him/her and ask why are they not coming to the gym? Do they require Home Sessions? Do they require a special time slot? These are the small gestures that strengthen your brand in the minds of the consumer.


  • Now for a bit of Technology integration. A lot of Supermarkets have a Loyalty membership. These Supermarket Brands exactly know which customer has bought what items when they last shopped. By habit of usage, a carton of Milk will get over in 2 days. Can these brands remind the consumer that milk is a good source of protein and get the consumer to re-purchase the same milk or upgrade them to an Almond milk or soy milk? Think of the wow you are creating. Or for that matter, a consumer that has bought Wine and Pasta is heading to a dinner date. Ask them how was the experience? Probably give out easy Pasta Recipes where they can impress their dates.

These are just a few of the thousand ideas that we generate at Future Mercury. Hope you agree that emotional Connect with consumers drives business.

Feel free to implement these at your businesses and do let me us know what your customers reaction. We love a casual chat on WhatsApp +91 85300 82202 or for a more official conversation mail us on cs@futuremercury.com