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Big Concepts

Authentic design and development drives big concepts.

If the concept or unique product or service doesn’t get the audience it requires, there are chances that the brand might fail even before it reaches its maximum potential. Hence is it important to support a big concept with authentic design and development.


When we speak of design and development, it could be the logo design, brand identity, the website and its functionality or even an app that drives its business.


An example that we would like to cite is the Urban Clap, which is now Urban Company. It was a big idea to amalgamate all home services under an App. Now, Urban Clap went all out in creating its platform on the Web as well as on mobile platforms. Today Urban Clap is the highest performing Home Services App that provides good service to its consumer as well as gives employment opportunities to the various vendors across the location where it is present. Taking the idea forward, it also goes on to train its vendors, guides them and provides them with branded kits as per their profession.


Good Design and Development comes at a price. The Price is based not only for the creatives or the app design but for the hours invested by the agency to develop insights, UI/UX, customer journeys, design, technological know-how and various other aspects that the client might not even be aware of.


Following are the points that clients must keep in mind when developing design and development for a big concept:


1)    Select an agency that has good design sense and has worked with Design and Technology.

2)    Explain the big idea to them with every detail. Have brainstorming sessions with the agency and your team. So, the vision for the Big concept is clear to everyone from the start.

3)    Draw out phase-wise timelines so that the agency gets a justified period to work on concept designs and technology.

4)    Show the concepts to real people in your market. Carry out dip-stick research. Study the feedback and implement in the development process.

5)    Avoid hurried Go-to-market approach. A hurried concept often overlooks minor details that could be detrimental to the big idea.

6)    Most importantly, share your marketing budgets with the agency. Discuss the capital that you can invest in the big idea. The agency can and will come with solutions to give you the best value that they can provide within that budget.


Design and Development can fetch you returns in the long run. Brands who have spent on creating strong marketing assets have seen the value of authentic designs and development and soon will spend more on creating such unique assets.


We at Future Mercury, are a team of thinkers, creators and innovative communicator that can drive your big concept, idea, product or service, through Authentic Design and Development. Feel free to chat with us on WhatsApp +91 85300 82202 or have a more formal conversation on cs@futuremercury.com